Reasons for School Absence in Past Month, by Grade Level

Year(s): 2017-2019

Tulare CountyPercent
Reason for AbsenceGrade 7Grade 9Grade 11Non-Traditional
Didn’t Miss Any SchoolSSSS
Illness (including respiratory and dental problems)SSSS
Felt Very Sad, Hopeless, Anxious, Stressed, or AngrySSSS
Didn’t Get Enough SleepSSSS
Didn’t Feel Safe at SchoolSSSS
Had to WorkSSSS
Had to Care for or Help a Family Member or FriendSSSS
Wanted to Spend Time with Friends Not from SchoolSSSS
Wanted to Use Alcohol or DrugsSSSS
Was Behind in Schoolwork or Unprepared for ClassSSSS
Was Bored with or Uninterested in SchoolSSSS
Was SuspendedSSSS
Other ReasonSSSS
Two or More ReasonsSSSS