Childhood Cancer Diagnoses, by Age Group and Type of Cancer

Year(s): 2012-2016

Shasta CountyRate per 100,000
Type of CancerAges 0-14Ages 15-19Total for Ages 0-19
Lymphomas and Reticuloendothelial NeoplasmsSSS
Central Nervous System, Intracranial, and Intraspinal NeoplasmsSSS
Neuroblastomas and Peripheral Nervous System TumorsSSS
Renal TumorsSSS
Hepatic TumorsSSS
Malignant Bone TumorsSSS
Soft Tissue SarcomasSSS
Germ Cell, Trophoblastic, and Gonadal TumorsSSS
Other Malignant Epithelial Neoplasms and MelanomasSSS
Other and Unspecified Malignant NeoplasmsSSS
Total for All Cancers16.9S18.2