Reasons for School Absence in Past Month, by Grade Level

Year(s): 2017-2019

Shasta CountyPercent
Reason for AbsenceGrade 7Grade 9Grade 11Non-Traditional
Didn’t Miss Any SchoolS31.5%29.7%S
Illness (including respiratory and dental problems)S24.0%23.9%S
Felt Very Sad, Hopeless, Anxious, Stressed, or AngryS0.2%0.0%S
Didn’t Get Enough SleepS1.1%0.7%S
Didn’t Feel Safe at SchoolS1.0%0.8%S
Had to WorkS0.1%0.0%S
Had to Care for or Help a Family Member or FriendS0.7%0.7%S
Wanted to Spend Time with Friends Not from SchoolS0.3%0.4%S
Wanted to Use Alcohol or DrugsS0.1%0.4%S
Was Behind in Schoolwork or Unprepared for ClassS0.3%0.5%S
Was Bored with or Uninterested in SchoolS0.1%0.5%S
Was SuspendedS0.4%0.5%S
Other ReasonS11.2%10.4%S
Two or More ReasonsS29.0%31.6%S