Net Five-Year Cancer Survival Rate, by Type of Cancer

Year(s): 2006-2016

CaliforniaSurvival Rate
Lymphomas and Reticuloendothelial Neoplasms93.6%
Central Nervous System, Intracranial, and Intraspinal Neoplasms70.6%
Neuroblastomas and Peripheral Nervous System Tumors77.9%
Renal Tumors86.6%
Hepatic Tumors73.8%
Malignant Bone Tumors68.3%
Soft Tissue Sarcomas70.3%
Germ Cell, Trophoblastic, and Gonadal Tumors91.9%
Other Malignant Epithelial Neoplasms and Melanomas91.9%
Other and Unspecified Malignant Neoplasms86.3%
Total for All Cancers82.5%