Adverse Childhood Experiences, by Type and Household Income Level

Year(s): Wave 4: Jun 2022

Type of ACELess than $30,000$30,000-$59,999$60,000-$99,999$100,000 or HigherAll Incomes
Basic Needs Not Met4.9%3.3%6.5%4.9%4.7%
Often Felt Unloved or Unsupported5.8%4.4%7.0%7.1%5.9%
Parents or Guardians Were Divorced or Separated27.0%[!]24.1%[!]16.5%7.1%18.2%
Witnessed Domestic Violence12.7%[!]7.4%7.1%4.5%7.9%
Household Member Served Time in Jail11.1%11.2%6.0%3.1%7.4%
Household Member Was Mentally Ill16.6%[!]10.6%9.3%10.4%11.7%
Household Member Abused Alcohol or Drugs11.7%11.0%10.2%5.0%9.5%
Experienced Physical Abuse at Home1.0%3.6%4.3%4.3%3.3%
Experienced Verbal Abuse at Home3.9%2.2%3.8%5.8%3.8%
Experienced Sexual Abuse2.6%3.4%4.1%4.1%3.4%